‘Ndatara’ means ‘I am looking’ in Oshiwambo, a local dialect of northern Namibia and southern Angola. The name is fitting to the company’s mission of providing high quality research and analysis that is Africa focused. Our team of experts offer a unique blend of skills in applied research, data analytics, discrete choice modelling, choice experiment design, survey programming and survey translation across a wide array of specialist fields. We also offer respondent recruitment, survey translation, and data collection services across the wider African continent.


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Dr. Abisai Konstantinus


PhD: Transport Engineering
MSc: Shipping Management
MPhil: Shipping Law
Dipl: Statistics with R
ND: Maritime Studies

Abisai is the founder and CEO of Ndatara. He is an ex-mariner and avid choice modeller with 15 years combined experience in logistics, shipping and ports.

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Dr. Flavio Souza

DIRECTOR: Consumer Insights

Post Doc: Choice Modeling
PhD: Marketing
MPhil: Consumer Behaviour
MPhil: Psychology
BA: Business Administration

Flavio is a marketing strategy specialist by trade and the founder of Arbitrium. He has 10 years combined experience in choice modeling.

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Dr. Iyaloo Konstantinus


PhD: Virology & Immunology
MSc: Virology
Hon: Genetics
BSc: Human Physiology
BSc: Psychology & Genetics

Iyaloo is a virologist and a public health specialist with 11 years experience in diagnostics, public health and pharmaceuticals.

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Ben White


Ben is the founder of the SurveyEngine Group of companies, SurveyEngine P/L, SurveyEngine GmbH.

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Dr Akshay Vij


Akshay is currently a senior research fellow at the Institute for Choice, University of South Australia.

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Ludwig Butler


Ludwig is co-founder of SurveyEngine GmbH. He has a background in Health Economics and Environmental Valuation.

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Aili Shigwedha


Aili has 15 years combined experience in academia, project management, ICT, and telecommunication infrastructures.

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